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Your "Second" Ukulele - A Harp Ukulele!

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"The Ukulele for the 21st Century"

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    The 21st Century Ukulele

    This is the Harp Ukulele, based on the early 20th century design of Dyer/Knutsen

    The concept of additional, "floating" bass strings is not a new idea; it can be traced back several centuries to the "Old World", Europe.

    We build the Harp Ukulele in Lviv, Ukraine where multi-string instruments are a centuries old national heritage.

    Made in "Uke"-raine! 

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    Tenor Uke with 6 Sub-Basses

    The Harp Ukulele is essentially a Tenor Ukulele with an additional bass arm.

    The tuning on the Uke is a standard G, C, E, A with a low or high fourth "G" string.

    The six sub-basses can be anything you choose. A popular choice is A, B, C, D, E, F.




    Several Models to Choose From

    We build several Harp Ukulele models.

    The production model is Maple back, sides and neck with a rosewood finger board and bridge, bone nut and saddles with abalone inlays.

    Other options include exotic woods, like Zebra, Wenge, Bubinga, Bocote and more.

    They are also available in black!

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    Our goal is to build a very high quality, hand-made Harp Ukulele at an affordable, realistic price. 

    The instrument is shipped to you, manufacture direct, for the best savings.

    Visit the "Catalog" for all of the details and then the "Showroom" to see what's currently in stock for purchase and ready for immediate shipping.

    If there's something in particular you're looking for, please ask!

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We manufacture the Harp Ukulele.

This instrument is based on a Tenor Ukulele. The tuning on the Uke neck can be G, C, E, A or g, C, E, A.

 The Harp Ukulele has six additional sub-bass strings. The tuning of the basses are open for experimentation. A popular tuning is A, B, C, D, E, F. This blends nicely into the "G" on the fourth string of the Ukulele. These additional bass strings can enhance your arrangements when ever you feel you need an additional bass note. These basses do not need to be played constantly; only when they aggrandize the song.

The sub-basses are the lower, nylon strings of a classical guitar. I like to use a low E for the first sub-bass, then two A classical guitar strings for next two sub-basses, then three D classical guitar strings for the remaining sub-basses. Depending on your tuning, you will want to adjust these for the proper pitch and tension.

There are several Harp Ukulele models to choose from and the list is growing. Currently, we have Maple, Mahogany and Zebra wood. More variations are coming through the next year. See the Harp Ukulele catalog for the current line up and the Showroom to see what's currently in stock and ready for immediate sale.

 They are hand made in our harp guitar shop in Lviv, Ukraine.

Our quality is high and our prices are low; they are shipped manufacture direct to you for the best savings.

 If there's something in particular that you're looking for or just have some questions, contact me. We'd like to hear from you! 

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Jay Buckey


What is a Harp Ukulele?

zebra-harp-ukulele-frontA Harp Ukulele is a Tenor Uke with additional sub-bass strings.

The bass strings "float", there are no frets needed since they are played with one hand; like a harp. Complex sounding arrangements are easier since only one hand is necessary to sound one of the bass notes. This means you can play in the higher registers on the Uke neck and get some great bass notes at the same time! You will be amazed at how these bass strings enhance your arrangements. You may find it difficult to go back to "just" four strings!

I'm often asked, "Is it hard to play a Harp Ukulele?"

Not at all! In fact, you will be surprised how it simplifies your arrangements freeing your fretting hand for more colorful arrangements.

The bass arm increases the sound board surface and internal air space increasing your volume and tone.

The floating basses also create subtle harmonics, triggered by the notes/chords of the Uke strings producing an amazing natural "harmonic reverb"; a natural reverb without any electronics! See the video demonstration on my YouTube Channel (link is below).

Playing the Harp Ukulele will renew your original excitement when you played your first chord on a four string Uke!

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Meet our "Harp Ukulele Team"!

Our Harp Ukulele shop is in Lviv, Ukraine. We build Fanned Fret Guitars, Harp Guitars, Harp Ukuleles, regular six string guitars, banduras, simbali, dombra and other string instruments. Made in "UKE-raine" :)

The instruments are shipped from Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine.

Ukraine is a wonderful location to create instruments in the "Old World Style". Even the local currency, the grivna, incudes harp guitars and multi-string instruments! It's not often a nation takes pride in it's musical heritage, especially acoustic string instruments.

If you live in Europe and/or will be visiting Kiev, let me know and you can try out a fanned fret guitar, harp guitar or harp ukulele in the shop. In the USA, we're planning to open a "Showroom" near the Orlando, FL area late 2014. Details will be posted later.

In support of our efforts are harp guitarist, John Doan (Salem, OR) and master luthier and consultant, Jeff Elliot (Portland, OR)

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John Doan, Jay, Myron (President), Vladimir (Shop Manager), Paolo (Senior Luthier)


Michael (Luthier), Bogdon (Luthier, jigs and moulds), Ed (Sales) Yuri (Driver), Vladimir